Who says hard work doesn’t pay off? Helldorado would like to thank each and every one of you who has supported and had our backs from the very beginning. To all of our families, friends, and supporters, near and far, who have gone above and beyond to help make this happen, thank you! To all of our sponsors and endorsers, (Rock-N-Roll GangStar, Schecter Guitar Research, Heil Sound Microphones, Sinister Guitar Picks, Fireball, SureFuck Cologne, Dr Squatch Soap), thank you for having faith in us as a band and for entrusting us with your good names. Thank you to every radio station who Rolled our songs, both here in Spokane, WA (Rock 94.5) and across the country, for getting our voices heard. To all the venues that book us and every band we have played with…thank you all. It is at this time that¬† “The World’s Loudest, Baddest, Most Bitchin’ Band (Hardest Partying Too) Helldorado is announcing that we’ve “Gone national”, and we’re very pleased to announce that Helldorado is now a part of the Mi5/Universal Music Group Family!!! Thank you so much to everyone in this band for staying true to our vision, to our unwavering persistence and to the brotherhood we formed April 30, 2013. Helldorado would like to especially thank James And Mandy Hill at Amplified Wax Recording Studios for the incredible services that they provide, and look forward to our future there. To our manager, Cari Fransisco, thank you so much for your diligent hard work.

To every HELLRAISER chapter across the states and the growing base abroad, thank you all for your tireless support and promotion. To every fan, to every kid and to everyone who wants to feel like a kid again, Thank you! So here it is, you can realize a dream…